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Pilot Episode - "The Quiet Life"

THE HOUSE ON THE HILL is the story of an aging rock star who moves out of Beverly Hills and buys a secluded and ghostly old mansion in the countryside. While trying to lead a tranquil new life, he soon discovers that when he isn't coping with the antics of his beautiful, yet mischievous housemates; he spends the rest of his time trying to contend with the mansion's dysfunctional staff, supernatural entities and creepy neighbors from the village below.

Full cut for premiere
Runtime: 38m 28s
Edit v9.1 12/29/2011

00:00:00 Act I - Grave Robbery
00:02:33 Act II - Abigail Gets Coffined
00:14:11 Act III - Maid Interviews
00:22:55 Act IV - Cassandra Goes Bad
00:29:11 Act V - Poulter Ghosts
00:34:39 Act VI - The New Housekeepers
00:37:18 Ending Credits


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