Dreamscape Photographs

Artist on lifelong Quixotic quest creates impossible dreamscape photographs.


Digitalio is a new series of dreamscape photographs by artist Richard S. McWherter that blurs the lines between photography, drawing, and painting. These expressionistic images offer a unique way of seeing deep into the nature of this artist’s intimate passion, as well as bringing a visceral response from others.

People are often curious about what part of the image is photographic and what part is painted. But this interaction between what is physical and what is imagination is exactly why these photographs have that dream-like quality.

There is no trick filter or special effect software button to push to achieve this. They are painted virtually, but include many hours of manual handwork. Each image is crafted from the ground up, often with multiple techniques and many transmuted layers of piecework, with every square inch revealing the touch of an artist's decisive hand. These artworks reflect that malleable process.

But, is it a photograph? Or is it a painting? These images don’t fit comfortably into traditional categories, but instead of being a bad thing, it speaks to one of the many aspects that are quite inspiring about this creative artist and his work.

Artist, Producer, Director: Richard S. McWherter
Music: danosongs.com

j vimeo.com/33375831

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