first batch of clips:- Century 16:9 anamorphic 1.33x converter on the front of a Flare Factory 58 (Oval Aperture, 2x, f5.6, no tint, low contrast) See this exact combination being used in a lit scene:-

second batch of clips:- Isco36 on the front of a Flare Factory 58 (Quasi f1.5 Ultra low contrast, blue tint)

notice the longer barrel of the isco36 tones down the glare from the quasi f1.5 so the overall contrast is similar on both lens combinations.

Quite a big boost in contrast in post due to the bright overcast sky really leaking into each Flare Factory 58!

Obviously the sharpness difference is less huge due to the Century config being at f5.6 and the Isco 36 being wide open at Quasi f1.5 (Quasi f1.5 is a fixed wide open aperture, low contrast lens developed specifically to add a vintage feel to the Iscorama and other sharp and modern anamorphic lenses). But this shows the Century used with an Oval Aperture Flare Factory 58 can look very nice with enough light. We can do a f3.5 option in 2x oval or a f2.8 option in 1.5x but these put the little Century anamorphic under a bit too much stress and sharpness isn't quite as good. Notice the bokeh may not have any light sources creating coloured dots, but the way the bokeh is rendered is as close as you are gonna get to a true 2x anamorphic when using the little Century and LA7200 type namorphics, which dont give you ovals in your bokeh.

Tokina +0.4 used intermittently for some shots.

Shot on Sony Nex5n (APS-c), flat portrait profile, graded in post to bring back some of the contrast.


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