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Len Horsey & Brian Reed (with Liam Gillick)
Planta De Anodizado

Unrealised Potential is a collaborative group exhibition instigated by artist/curator Mike Chavez-Dawson. The show aims to explore the creative potential of artists’ unrealised projects, blurring the lines between artist, curator, visitor and producer.

Mike Chavez-Dawson together with artists Sam Ely and Lynn Harris, co-founders of Unrealised Projects (2003-2010), re-visit Chavez-Dawson's original project Potential Hits (2003), to present an amassed collection of artists unfulfilled proposals in Gallery 1, offering visitors the opportunity to purchase the right to interpret and realise an artist’s idea.

Liam Gillick's unrealised proposal PLANTA DE ANODIZADO becomes the first realised project from Unrealised Potential. Liam Gillick originally proposed that all the products and services made by Mexican company LGD LUCK SA be exhibited and displayed in a gallery context. In Gallery 2, artists Brian Reed and Len Horsey have realised and reconceptualised Liam Gillick’s original idea by transforming the space into a mock business fair pavilion, advertising the products of the Mexican company LGD LUCK SA.


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