Street Art

19th May, 2009, Prague experienced a daylong street performance called UFF.

We were monitoring signal of one of our mobile phones just as Czech Police does it. Through use of the location data we left a trace in the streets of Prague which could be watched in real time on the web or followed via maps shown on street posters and thus taking part in the game.

Through re-contextualization of objects and places we aimed to interact with the city.

You are watching a recording of this ilegal event, a street game, a dialogue with the city.

More info at

concept: sgnlr
production: tadek
webdesign, flyer: tarkan
cinematography: karkys, sgnlr
photography: leeňa
serigraphy: smysly, punx23, jirka
thanks: miloš vojtěchovský, tomáš pospiszyl, smysly, kořen, michal mocňák, tereza reichová, marek tichý, vítek janeček,, pavel richter


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