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The Geeky Chef Promo // Chef Dan Tran

Working with Dan was a blast, he's got to be one of the most kinetic people you could be around. Having cooked alongside culinary greats in Michelin three-star award restaurants, Dan is now starring in a new cooking show, The Geeky Chef, a web series in which he re-imagines, develops, experiments, and ultimately creates the perfect dish. Each episode will feature one of America's favorite dishes including steak, the fish taco, hamburgers, chicken wings, deep dish pizza, etc.

The goal of the show is to show you how to perfectly recreate the dishes at home and to learn Dan's unique culinary tips and tricks along the way. Viewers will learn how to use common household items for cooking in ways they never thought possible. How will a hair dryer help you make a better cake? How will bobby pins play a part in making the most amazing chicken wings? Stay tuned for Dan's new cooking series, The Geeky Chef, coming soon.

j vimeo.com/38834247

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