Canon EOS 650D

Slices of our weekend trip, fast clips. A little time lapse too and fireworks with a twist. Our daughter joined us for one of the days and we went to a dinner cruise on Table Rock Lake in a paddle wheel boat. Branson, MO

The time lapses were created in After Effects with some color grading. A little MBQL in Premiere Pro for the clips.

18-135mm IS STM
40mm IS STM pancake

I shot in manual focus and didn't use the focus tracking in camera because of the continual hunt focus. Some shots were pulled focus and others I set up the shot in AF and then switched the lens to MF before changing to Movie Mode. This made it easier when it was too bright to see the screen.

My husband is a comedian (or he thinks he is) and I usually edit those shots out, but decided to leave them in for this one :)

Music: Simple Love by 3 Theory (Vimeo license)


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