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After all the years Brian, Hakeem, and I have put into skating, the fact that we can be a part of something that we made, which adds to the maturity and growth of skating, is an amazing thing. Today is the official team announcement, and we put a lot of thought into who we wanted to be a part of our dream. We wanted people who we feel represent skating with style, drive and a vision. The Kelsos have been long-time colleagues, friends, and leaders in skating. Working and rolling with them for years has done nothing but inspire and amaze me. These guys are family. I haven’t known Jon Jon as long as the Kelsos, but he’s new family. Watching someone as young as himself with a style as developed and matured as his own, reassures me that the future of skating is in good hands. We worked hard to get here, this is the truth. For skaters, by skaters. CO.

Featuring the 2009 Create Originals Pro Team - Sean Kelso, Jon Jon Bolino, Colin Kelso, & Billy O'Neill.

createoriginals.com ...100% Skater Owned... customshop.createoriginals.com

j vimeo.com/5926357

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