Inspirational Videos

"Love Cannot Be Denied" - an original work
Written and Produced by Mark Jeffery Campayno
Yahama Nylon String Guitar, Pro Tools 9 Software
Recorded at StudioRock of Northern Virginia

This was an unexpected recording. I came up with the idea of using a slight altered tuning just for practice. What came out was a hybrid open-E tuning. I tuned string 4 up to D, string 3 up to G# and left strings one and two alone.

Obviously, with this tuning open strings would be available. I basically played easy arpeggio ideas with a twist or two. I did two passes and canned the first. Typically, the first is the one I keep! This part was played using my 8 year old beat to death and barely hanging on Takamine nylon cutaway guitar.

Two days later I decided to finish the work. I used my Yamaha nylon string guitar in standard tuning and then created a melodic overlay on the arpeggio/block chord section. I then harmonized a few spots and left it alone.

This, like most of my works is not lacking in emotional content. Released on Valentines Day, it surely has a double message. A message that pain exists and the daily remembering of it. However, one must never lose hope. No matter how jaded one becomes, love is far stronger and no man has yet to overcome it.

Hold out hope, all ye people of despair, love will find you.


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