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Because sometimes I just want to write a happy song that makes me feel like sunshine inside, and I I don't want to wait until hell freezes over or until pigs can fly I just want to be happy and LIVE so why not dress up in a Pig suit and have a good laugh hmm?

Three people, three credits (because this song wouldn't have been possible w/o):

The Film Artist - Thank you for pledging and for supporting me and my music and ultimately making this song possible…and for allowing me to write a song for you about whatever I wanted. Giving me full reign on creativity does wonders to my heart and mind. I hope you like it!

Paul - You are a genius with the camera and sound and like my dance moves. I love you.

Rob - You are brilliant and creative and I can't wait for Fun Pig to happen and to be a part of it, yo.

As always, say WASABI:



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