Well Folks, summer time is finally here, with sunny days and temps into the 30's it time to head for the trees head for the roofs.

This little video shows you a dozen low 7's that are perfect for the hot sunny days


Hippocampus 7a Franchard Sablons
La Pierre Philosophale 8b Apramaont Envers (the dream)
Ah plus facile 7a Haute Plains
Ironman 7b Secret area
Addolabotomy 7a Franchard Isatis
Rine-mi 7a Rocher Hercule
Petite crocodile 7b Secret area
Boys fly 7a Cassport Orange
Le Jue de Paume 7a/6c+ Mare aux Joncs

Climbers, neil hart, mina

miss li - i heard of a girl
miss li - dancing the whole way home


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