This is Pepper, a neighborhood staple in the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles. Insightful, wise, clever, skilled, hilarious, resourceful, genuine, thoughtful. Those are just a few of the words that describe this wonderful man. I've had the privilege of becoming his friend over the past couple of years and I'm incredibly grateful that he opened up and told his stories so freely and allowed us to share a glimpse of his world with you.

A music video doubling as a short documentary for Blue Foundation's "Broken Life". The track appears on the forthcoming album In My Mind I Am Free available May 22, 2012 from dpc-rec.dk/

Direction | Colin Kennedy & Daniel Duarte
Camera | Colin Kennedy & Daniel Duarte
Edit | Colin Kennedy
Color | Bossi Baker
Sound Mix | Tobias Wilner
Graphics | Tobias Wilner

j vimeo.com/39459684

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