Day in the Life

This film is a brief overview of what Rangers at Billabong Sanctuary in north Queensland do in an average day. Unfortunately with so much going on it's impossible to squeeze all the action into a handful of minutes, but tried none-the-less!

Being the head ranger my day pretty much involves everything you see in the film, and more.

The film kicks off with some action from one of the world's most dangerous creatures and coincidentally one of the most fun to play with, the crocodile. Moving onto cuddly koalas, wiggly wombats and zooming birds gives an insight in to how rangers achieve their ultimate goal, developing a connection between the public and wildlife.

The making of this film was an incredible crash course in filmmaking. As something I'd been interested in for a while I was very lucky to have the chance to work alongside someone as experienced as Michael. For my first ever foray into film making I'm fairly happy with the final video. Looking forward to making more.

Filmmakers: Robbie Basham, Sera Steves, David Chen, Nathalie Fernbach. Music: Michael Bromage, Alexander Salter.

What did you enjoy most about the film?


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