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The artist is the blank canvas that changes every act.
The intervention in the supermarket goes by various nuances of the total absolute pleasure to disgust, an outbreak within a prison called consumption. The public space is used as a stage of subversion and dialectics with consumers in a peaceful but strong way.
The original soundtrack was composed from audio recordings in supermarkets around the world (Sao Paulo, Brazil / Mexico City, Mexico / Mumbai, India / New York, USA / Beijing, China), sounds of shopping carts, people, packages, cash registers and all the noises we hear in a supermarket.

"O curta brasileiro que está entre os selecionados do Vimeo Awards 2012 segue o princípio geral do melhor cinema de horror: a transformação de alguém numa monstruosidade e uma crítica social esfregada na sua cara. Eis o humano de hoje, pelo avesso."
Ricardo Oliveira
Jornalista e mestre em comunicação pela UFPB


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