I decided to do one more infrared time lapse before all the leaves have fallen. This time I decided to do an HDR infrared time lapse.

My main focus was to have evenly exposed scenes with depth.

What was used to make this video:

The processing used to make this short time lapse involved the use of one RAW file that was converted into an HDR using photomatix. Tiff files were then imported into Photoshop and channel swapped. Further processing was done in Lightroom 2 were files converted into 720 pixels for HD viewing and cropped.

Music: "Aniron" composed & performed by Enya] from The Lord of the Ring: The Fellowship of the Ring by Howard Shore.

All rights reserved to their respective owners.

Where was this shot? In Philadelphia

What was used to make this Time Lapse:

Interval Timer

Camera: 350D, Lenses: canon 50mm (1:8), Sigma 18-50mm

Filter: Hoya 72R

Quicktime pro, Lightroom 2, Adobe photoshop CS3 Photomatix, Adobe Premiere Pro CS3

j vimeo.com/16966226

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