RING SHOTS.... I'm a big fan of creative ring shots... We've done a lot of twirling, glowing, focus pulling and a lot of other "ings" and it is always a challenge to find a unique ring shots to do in each wedding that we do. However, this time I think we have nailed it! Dustin came up with the idea and everything just flew from there. Its a killer ring shot this one and I'm so happy with it.

Now back to the whole wedding (sorry!) Benny and Lala is our friend. Benny is a rather unique guy with very strong mindset of what he is as a person and how he perceive things. Lala is a very soft and loving woman who (in my opinion) completes Benny or rather "neutralizes" Benny :P

I just love it when an SDE has a lot of intimate moments in it. Moments that mean a lot to the people who understands it the most (the couple and their family). I love the shots of the father looking at Lala getting ready. For your information we didn't set up that shot. We try to never direct our couples on the day since we want them to have their own experience and cherish it. Also the doggy scenes were a laugh cracker at the reception as everyone was watching it. I also love how the dad was holding her hand so closely as they were about to walk the isle. These moments are the most precious and I have to say that I'm so proud to have them captured by our team... even though we can take all of the nice and grand shots that we can get, the meaningful shots are worth ten times as much.

We are so happy for them and it was definitely a great wedding last Sunday and we wish them the very best for the rest of their lives together.

The church was held in Manly and reception at the great Watersedge, The Rocks.

Thanks for watching :)

The Paper Cranes team


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