I will confess: I love craft beer. And not many places in America are doing it better than Brewery Ommegang.

This, I think, will stand for a long time as one of our favorite shoots. The weather; the energy, the incredible staff at the brewery, it created such a confluence that I think our crew became swept up wholly in the experience.

This is something of the highlight version of a longer piece; while we were there, several of the best chefs on the east coast got together for a cooking competition, MC'd by DC's own Teddy Folkman, and we produced a sort of mini-doc about it, so look forward to that eventually being released at some point.

A note on DSLRs as well: we shot this with 3 Canon 7Ds, and while I've been working a lot lately with the FS100, there has never been a more immediate tool for filmmaking than DSLR. So many of the shots in this piece wouldn't have been possible with larger cameras, and so many moments wouldn't have been captured if not for the agility and control offered by a DSLR. Nothing else provides the same kind of shortcut from vision to execution. While the revolution is ending, I can't imagine them ever being completely phased out.

And while I'm slowly moving over to Zeiss lenses, editing this reminded me of just how beautifully the Canon 35mm 1.4L renders color; the depth and detail is incredible. It's a must-own for anyone on the Canon system.


Music by the irrepressible Hank & Cupcakes. Live performance like you wouldn't believe.


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