Sony NEX EA50 User Group

It reflects my struggle with the process of finding a new camera.

Over the last 12 years I worked with the well known Canon PRO XL series, phenomenal camera's but...also a little heavy to carry with you for 6 hours and more.
I'm a huge fan of the NEX series, owning a Nex 6 at the moment. So my search for a camera body began..
After three weeks testing the Sony VG 900 and the Sony EA 50 I finally 'rested in the arms' of a broadcast camera: the Panasonic 160 aej.
Quite another story...

Well, I'm an 'action cammer'. Both Sony's proved to be quite useless 'in action'. Their bodies generate a fair amount of noise. No problem perhaps using a mount, but 'out-of-hand'... Even with a shock mount the amount of 'body-noise' from the xlr's was overwhelming.
The VG 900 is a giant [sensor] in 'to small a frame'. It's rather difficult to produce sharp and smooth impressions, especially in outdoor arrangements lacking a ND lens. 'Inside' and with the right combination of lens and lens adapter, it's a beauty as far as stills and video are concerned.
But in full frame only, because in APS mode, to my opinion there's hardly a difference between the VG 900 and the NEX 6.
The Sony EA 50 was my second attempt. The form factor in combination with the servo lens made me curious.
Well, the form factor is splendid but the lens proved to be a big disappointment. In terms of 'output' it's no more then the first generation 18-200 Nex 'workhorse'. With a servo motor producing a lot of noise. Not a nice combination with an xlr driven shotgun nearby. Outdoors it produces poor video: lot's of moire and a big amount of roller shutter. And no ND. But the thing irritating me the most was the 'in-and-out-of-focus issue', a well known fact combining photo camera's with camcorders. But that's not all: it almost always focusses BEHIND, not 'on' the subject. And that's just 'killing' in action situations where you have to rely on steady and fast focussing.

Finally, I returned to 'where I came from': broadcast. The Panasonic AG-AC160 has a fantastic [zoom] lens. The body doesn't generate noise. It's got a quick focus. The only weak point: the steady shot utility proves to be 'meager' compared with Sony and Canon.

This impression resembles my 'struggle: filming 'my other hobby', railway modeling, under low-light and rather difficult 'action' situations....
All camera's are there: the opening is from the VG 900, stills were taken with the NEX 6, the rest is a mix of the Sony EA 50 and Panasonic.


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