Non-Profit Organizations
Good People come from Good Homes. But where do Good Homes come from?

A home is more than a shelter. It’s more than warmth. It’s more than something you can see and feel. It’s the foundation on which one builds a life.

Habitat for Humanity believes that a home is the root for change.

Turn a house into a home and it has the power to create good. It builds communities. Good habits. Good People.

At the core, Habitat empowers people to make their communities better. But our volunteers and the homeowners can’t do it alone. We all need Good People so those less fortunate can build good homes.

With that said, good is not a number. It’s an intention. It’s a desire to help. So whether you’re donating your time, 10 dollars or 10,000, it not only makes you a better person; it makes you Good People.


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