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haikProject is a community non-profit organization dedicated to improve the lives of children and their families.
Founded in 2004 by Medical Anthropologist Astrik Vardanyan and Child Psychiatrist Arthur Pogosyan, haikProject advocates natural childbirth and natural parenting free of birth and childhood traumas.

The mission of haikProject touches upon each and every family. In fact, it touches the society at large. haikProject aims to prevent rather than spend millions of dollars on treatments.

With the high U.S. rates of infant mortality, exponential growth in autism spectrum disorders and mental retardation, every possible risk should be eliminated.

haikProject has done extensive research to identify those risks. With simple steps much harm can be avoided. All it takes is knowledge and support. haikProject disseminates information through:

Presentations in academic forums
Publications academic and popular magazines
TV programs
Individual counseling
Group counseling

For more information, please visit:


Directed by Lily Abagyan
Cinematography by Lily Abagyan
Sound & Lighting by Hayk Hovsepyan
Edited by Hayk Hovsepyan
Seminar Testimonial Interviews by Anush Hovsepyan

Ours Everyday by Helios (
The Temperature of the Air on the Bow of the Kaleetan by Chris Zabriskie (
Flight of the Lulu by Possimiste (


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