EOS 1DC Filmmakers

‎. . . . . . . .
It's so funny
beauty - can be so violent sometimes
it hurts . . .
( it hurts so much we feel it deep down in the pit of our stomachs )
and only later . . . we understand why
It's been like this for me
from as far back as I could remember
Tonight and last sunday reminded me of it
Walking around the streets of downtown Athens - seeing life through my lens
reminded me of all . . . those
"random acts of violence"
that ring deep inside my soul
and tear me apart from time to time
we live to be reminded
that beauty has a price
what we find beautiful
what we consider precious
is actually temporary . . .
Things fade, before you know it - they are gone - forever
Ever see something that reminds you of a memory?
Ever have your eyes come across something beautiful,
that brought back a feeling from the past?
a feeling of what was,
something you though you forgotten about long ago
maybe something you buried to keep from finding you
and suddenly,
you are flooded with this . . . deluge
washed over by nostalgia
a longing of that carousel from your youth
You know . . .
I could avoid it
I could turn my head
I could look away
but I don't
I let it take me over
I let it start a fire inside
I let it purge
clear away things that I don't need
. . . violence . . .
all new beginnings come of this
from the time we are born
when we make love
when we cry
or laugh out loud
we do it violently
not gently . . .
There is beauty in violence
for me this much is true
if only we could allow ourselves to see it once in a while
even in something as simple as a random walk around a forgotten city
. . . . . . . .

"Random Acts Of Violence"

Canon 1DC

Hand cut, sewn & stiched by Abella Lane


j vimeo.com/61453551

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