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" . . . dedicated to my son, Jason . . . "

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
As human animals we seem to easily forget
that we create cages for ourselves and each other
we build walls to protect and to capture
we weld bars of metal and or of vowels, words, letters
we imprison by a number of means
shackled & chained
all that we have
and all that is available to use
we become cruelly creative when left to our own devices
as a means to possess
to own
to ditate our own terms on those we claim we care about
all in the name of love
out of our own fears
grows this need
out of our own weakness
it's roots grow strong binding more and more
crushing rock, bone and dream
Sometimes I feel that we are all . . .
children of a lesser god
cast aside
and away
that our prayers go unanswered
that our hopes are scattered to the winds
wishes written on the parchment of of our hearts
written and signed by our hands in our own precious drops
of blood, sweat and tears
bottled up in the crystal glass vessels of our dreams
throw out by our own hand
set adrift - out to sea
and lost to the waves - or buried on undiscovered beaches
between the sands of some sundown's derailed timeline
I know and believe that all birds are meant to fly free
to sing unencumbered - without the fear of a whip by another's controlling hand
wings to spread outstretched - proud, strong & wild
their feathers to gather the rays of the sun and rejoice
in what is meant to be the love of the gods
all gods - of all religions under this, our universe
for the beauty, for the honor of creation
But I find sadly
that we are all closed in
one way or the other
in some form of a so called "birdcage"
literal or figurative
our music - muted
our symphony - hushed
our rhythm - encumbered
our rhyme - broken and debased
our dance - crippled
a lesser version of what we could be
maybe it we have ourselves to blame
maybe our plight is the punishment of those who come before us
the sins of parents - labour onto their children
and lock down their beauty
limit their flight
shoot down their dreams
all in the name of a selfish - self centered false god they carefully choose call "love"
when they should call it by it's true vile name "envy"
a love on their own terms - crowned and ringing a royal tune of a dictator's charms
and it's symbol, a beautifully cruel . . . lonely . . . rusty . . . birdcage
I wish you my heart
I give you my soul
I hand you my dreams
take it all and wrap yourself up with it
like a blanket protecting from the fire and from the ice cold
break out of all that holds you down
become what you were meant to be
fly out - sing loud - laugh free
become more that your destiny
write your name on the stars
be brave
I love you
I believe in you
I feel and understand you
you are not alone
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Hand cut, sewn & stitched by Abella Lane

j vimeo.com/76114477

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