No ND, Raw in Davinci, ProRes proxy to Premiere then to h.264 . Obviously blown out in the highlights and I crushed the blacks and Magenta added in the blown highlights of the clouds to get a old school Halloween horror feel. Sorry for the lack of story and the cheesy masked killer here but these were just tests. I wanted to see without using ND how much i couldn't recover at 100% zebras. You definitely need ND or the highlights just go way over even if zebras are peaking a lil bit. They say to expose to the right but here id say expose just under for outside with ND. The DR on this camera does give you the ability to work with the footage very well. Opening Wide shot was on the sigma 20, and its pretty soft stopped all the way down, looks like it wasn't reaching infinity.
Blackmagic cinema camera, firmware 1.2
Sigma 20 1.8,
and Sigma 30 1.4.
Director DP/ Nick Wright
DP/ Joe Gonzalez
Producer Kristina Ornelas
Director Ashneal Prasad


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