For this project, I used a process used in cinema called the Matrix effect or Bullet time. According to this process, a subject or an object is filmed by multiple cameras placed all around it. Then, with editing, it gives the impression that the subject is still and that the video camera is moving around it. For the video Le Tournis (2008), I wondered what would happen if I inversed the process by using only one video camera, in the center, with an event occurring many times around it.

The shooting mechanism is simple: a video camera, placed in the center of the room, revolves around itself by means of a “turning table” graduated in 360 degrees, placed directly on the ground. The fixed video camera shoots the fall of a mirror, breaking into pieces. Once the fragments of the mirror have been picked up, the camera is then moved by 8 degrees, another mirror is dropped, and so on. To go around the circle, this procedure has to be done 45 times. The technique used for editing the video is as simple as the filming procedure. To create a seamless rotation effect in space, the movement has to be divided in micro-events. Each of those shots lasts a tenth of a second. The shots are then put one after another, going from one shot to the other to recreate the circular movement in the space of the studio. It is not like with the Bullet time technique that consists of putting together fixed images, which correspond to the animation process. The technique used here consists of putting together short sequences of moving images including the sound. The latter is a specificity of this creation and represents an important dimension of it.


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