Born into the Congolese wilderness, Tchicaya Missamou became a child soldier at age 11. As a horrific civil war loomed across his country, Tchicaya began using his militia connections to ferry jewels, cash, computers, and white diplomats out of the country. By 17, he was rich. By 18, he was a hunted man, his house destroyed, his family brutalized in front of him by his own militia. By 19, he’d left behind everything he’d ever known, escaping to Europe and, eventually, to America.

Incredibly, that was only the start of his journey.

A work in progress, this video is just the start of an on-going documentary as we explore opportunities for getting his incredible story out there.

The book is released August 3rd, 2010.

producer, director: todd crites
co-producer: charlie kreisa
editor: todd crites

shooting on RED, canon 5D, panasonic P2.


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