412 Salvation is Your name
How did we get the name of the Messiah to be Jesus? How many Jewish guys from 2000 years ago were named Jesus? NONE. So if there were no Jewish men named Jesus who changed His name? An even better question what is His real name? Is the real name given to Messiah the true and powerful name? YES!
Exo 15:2 Yah is my strength and my song, and he has become my salvation. This is my God: I will glorify him; my father's God: I will exalt him.
SECTION 1: THE SPIRITUAL CLIFF AND NOT GOING OVER IT. Why are we about to go over the spiritual cliff? How do we react to the word? How do people react to the word when you show them biblical truths? How does a person who says they follow the word react when you show them they have an error in the theology? Why did Messiah stop in the middle of the sentence and people still wanted to throw Him off the cliff.
SECTION 2: YOU HAVE BEEN WASHED CLEAN NOW DON’T GO PLAY IN THE MUD. What is salvation? What does it enable me to do? What does it mean to be washed clean from sin? What does it mean to have the slate cleaned off, to have our sins erased? How should we act once this cleansing has occurred? What does Ya’akov mean when he says “purify your hearts”?
SECTION 3: SALVATION IS YOUR NAME. We can talk about the laws of Yehovah. We can debate about keeping kosher or not. We can even debate about am I saved by grace or not, or once saved always saved. The simplest thing is this, if you can’t even get the Messiah name right what difference is does it matter about the laws of God, keeping kosher and being saved by grace. For are you even part of His family.

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