Short Films

The story of the last men on earth.

An Independent Zero Budget Production by R.I.P. (2010)

Directed by: Sean Patrick McAuliffe

Director of Photography: Emiliano Hinojosa

Produced by: Emiliano Hinojosa, Oliver Claude Buckworth, Sean Patrick McAuliffe

Starring from eldest to youngest: Jaimini Romero, Ashwin Jyoti, Oliver Claude Buckworth

Story by: Emiliano Hinojosa and Sean Patrick McAuliffe

Written by: Jaimini Romero, Ashwin Jyoti, Oliver Claude Buckworth, Emiliano Hinojosa, Sean Patrick McAuliffe

Cinematographers : Emiliano Hinojosa, Caroline Fisher, Sean Patrick McAuliffe

Production Design: Oliver Claude Buckworth

Colorist: Sean Patrick McAuliffe

Audio Production by: Ashwin Jyoti and Sean Patrick McAuliffe

Sound designers: Ashwin Jyoti, Rohan Ananda Rohith Abraham, Tejas Nair, Sean Patrick McAuliffe

The majority of the dialogue in this film is improvisation driven by direction with input from all members of the cast and crew. At times the actors were only given an intention and motivation for a scene without knowing what their co-stars are going to do or say. This was to create more realism in the performance as the actors were forced to listen and react rather than remember dialogue.

Music : "_.Theme music" by "Jorge Rico and Friends" recorded, mixed and mastered by Ashwin Jyoti and Sean Patrick McAuliffe

"Record Jam" by Daniel Mendoza-Drums/ Jay Salas- Bass/ Sean Patrick McAuliffe/ Guitar Recorded and mixed by Ashwin Jyoti

"Timeshack" by Music for No one and Sean Patrick McAuliffe


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