The XensrCase is the first wearable sports motion capture device that measures jumps. Boost in the backcountry, drop into fresh powder, go big at Hookipa or bunny hop on single track. XensrCase captures it all with precision and delivers stats you can share with friends and spark some friendly competition.

The XensrCase connects to your iPhone4/4S. Its a sensor package that gives your Apple device the ability to measure its motion in the world at 400 times a second in acceleration, orientation, air pressure and 3D location. That raw data is then processed by our TruMotion™ technology to give you precise and smooth data that reflects your activities. Speed, jump heights, rotations, flips, g loading and more. Your phone runs our Xensr app which captures, analyses, replays and shares your data as you see fit. Your XensrCase can talk to other XensrCases for competition and training modes, and more. Since you have your phone with you when doing most sports, its no bother to connect Xensr and go!
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