Waterski (slalom-jump-tricks-barefoot)

My friend and I went to Jeff's to hang out and get some pointers on our own skiing, but I brought my nice camera to film him skiing a set! I apologize in advance for some of the footage, it was 103 degrees and I had a 20 pound camera that wasn't rigged for shooting on the shoulder at all...anyway, enough excuses, enjoy!

Nerdy Stuffs: Shot on a Panasonic AG-AF100 at 720p 60fps (1/500 shutter) with a Nikkor DX 17-55mm f/2.8 and captured via SDI to an Atmos Samurai as ProRes 422. Edited with Premiere CS6. Color corrected and graded with Apple Color. I also applied a 35mm grain layer from rgrain.com to make it look more organic, but all it did was make it look worse on Youtube, it looks awesome native though, promise.

Music: Black Keys - Lonely Boy

j vimeo.com/46108586

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