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T3i/600D Continuous Shooting aka Burst Mode



Hello All,
I am a new owner of a Canon Rebel T3i. I have read all the reviews and watched as many videos as I can find regarding this camera body. In them it was stated that in burst mode the camera would shoot around 8 photos, and then it would slow down and stop and then wait while the buffer cleared itself. This was demonstrated in video as well.

So today I tested the burst mode for the first time, and I expected it to slow down and stop after about eight photos. It did not. I counted to 150 continuous, rapid fire shots and then decided to stop it myself. This was on the lowest image size, S3.

I then switched to the highest size, 18.0MP "L", and tried it again. I expected the larger size photo would now cause the camera to slow down and stop. It did not. I counted off 80 rapid fire pictures with no slow down whatsoever, and then decided to stop.

So this has me confused, as to why reviews and videos claim the T3i/600D will not shoot photos continuously but will instead slow down and stop. Mine did not exhibit this.

Yes, I know Vimeo and this group are about VIDEO. :)

But as I am new to Canon cameras, I thought the experts here might shed some light on this for me.


chema salazar

chema salazar

Congratulations on your Canon Ownership! :D

I am no expert on cameras, but from my experience with DSLRs it seems to me that even though your camera would stop after a certain amount of shots, perhaps it may something to do with your card.

What speed does your card read and write?

Because I used to own a PNY class 10 20 mbs and it would have it's limits on continuous shots, not to mention video! (it would automatically stop recording)
I recently purchased a SanDisk class 10 30mbs and it works like a charm! there is no pauses or automatic stopping in video mode!
I own the Canon 60d.



Hi Chema, thanks for your reply! :)

My SD card is a SanDisk Extreme Pro 16GB Class 10 95Mbs read/write.

On another forum it was mentioned that the test is normally performed at the RAW setting and so my tests are not really conclusive. So I am going to try another one later today at the RAW setting. The test I performed already, the images were actually only 6MB as it turns out.

As for video, my camera has never stopped while recording video. That would have freaked me out. lol...

It has already freaked me out when the camera went dead, and I thought it had somehow got broken but it turned out to only be the battery went dead!

chema salazar

chema salazar

Haha! I also freaked out when my camera wouldn't turn on....first my battery wasn't!
second....My battery was i was pretty nervous before i figured out it was the dead battery! ^_^ lol!

Great card! Share with us how your new test results turn out to be!



Okay, the test results are in.

First, I shot some RAW images to see how large the file size was: 24MB, four times larger than the highest JPEG files.

At the RAW setting, the camera took 6 shots rapid fire, and then slowed down to a continuous shot every 1 second and kept this going until I released the shutter button after 80 photos. I presume it would have kept this up until I filled the video card.

I then set the camera to RAW+L, and tested it again. This time it shot 4 to 5 photos, and then slowed down to a continuous photo every 1.5-2.0 seconds. It kept this up until I released the shutter button after 40 photos. Again I presume it would keep this up until the card filled up. These shots were a combined 29-30MB each.

This has been an interesting learning experience for me.

Since I only shoot the highest quality JPEG, I can rapid fire shoot away until I fill my card up. This is more than good enough for me. My previous camera, an Olympus E-300 would shoot 3 or 4 photos rapid fire in burst mode and then the shutter button would have to be recycled. The T3i is like a night and day difference. :)

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