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Somebody told me not long ago that part of life is about evil jokes that a person carries out against another without any thought that it might lead to damaging effects… I have to say that I totally disagree with this argument!

Life… or part of life is about finding that special object of affection. The object that is dear and the one you love the most. When such an object has been found, a feeling of addiction grows upon a person and you cannot let it go. As soon as this happens it is best not to let it go.

I do apologise for the long introduction, but this encapsulates as to why the name of this video that i made is "heavy drug". The name of the song also matches the name of video, but it helped me to understand what it is that i love to do even more and hopefully it will have an affect on you, the audience, as well.

My object of affection is filming and for Erik "EKI" Orgo is bmxing. I have known Erik for around a year now and seeing his passion for riding, only helps strengthen my own. Spending time with erik and communicating, seeing, filming him ride is always filled with positivity.

He is progressing a lot these days and in my opinion he deserves to be noticed and sponsored by more companies to aid him grow.

Thank you goes to:
- my MOM
- Erik "EKI" Orgo
- my Friends
- Timo Pritzel from Atmosfair Clothing
- Andres Vaab from Red Bull Estonia
- to all those who have laid down the hours to build this spot.

Song: UNKLE - "Heavy Drug (reprise)"

Hope you will enjoy the video and find your object of affection, your heavy drug!


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