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Hey, I'm Sid. I'm currently a Lead 3D Artist in the Commercials department of The Mill London, where I've worked for seven years. Here's a sample of my work. Although most of my work here is in Maya, I'm doing more projects in Houdini these days.

Breakdown is below.

01 - Wrigleys "5 React Gum"
Particle simulation in Maya, meshing/shading/rendering in Houdini
8 weeks, including RnD, look development, shot completion

02 - Mercedes - "The New A-Class"
Received CAD data, reference camera move.
Recreated camera move in 3d, matched live action floor and car, shaded & lit car in 7 days.
Rendered in Arnold

03 - Mercedes - "Hungrig"
Shards of glass modelled, look dev'd, shaded, lit and rendered in two weeks.

04 - Mercedes - "Hungrig"
Additional smashing shard simulation created for directors cut.

05 - Nike - "Take It To The Next Level"
Lead Crowd TD. Tracked 15+ head cam shots, created and lit Massive crowd, created fully
CG stadiums for final sequence.

06 - Lexus "RX Evolution"
Received CAD data and reference photography of car
B-unit shot empty plates, which were populated with 3D cars
Shots tracked, car shaded and rendered for three shots in three weeks. Rendered in Arnold.

07 - Audi "A8 Advanced State of Mind"
Project Lead. Fully stereoscopic commercial (including live action). Created pipeline for
animating and rendering large amounts of geometry, aided in lookdev for car and parts.
Handled all stereoscopic elements.

08 - Fruit D'or - "Bird"
Feather TD. RnD department created low-level feather system. Built high-level tools for artists to
quickly and easily create and render feathers. Also, automated shot builds, created HDRIs, lit shots,
groomed bird and created and shaded flight and body feathers. Three month turnaround. Rendered in

09 - Sky "Augusta" ladybird
Textured, shaded and lit shot in 5 days

10 - Vicks "Lungs"
Project lead. Created hero tree, along with background trees and the lake in CG.
Shots laid out, trees populated with foliage via script, look dev, particle and river sims in six

11 - D&AD - "Ad Men and the Creative Revolution"
Everything. Fully procedural texturing, rendered in Arnold.

12 - 4 "Seven"
Pitch. Designed, modelled and rendered in two hours.

13 - Wrigleys "Food Monsters"
Pitch. Three shots lit, rendered and composited in three days. (Won the project)

14 - Muller "Wonderful Stuff"
Cloud formation RnD. Test created in a day.

15 - Heineken - "The Voyage"
Simulated, shaded and lit rocket smoke FX (trail and ground smoke) in five days.

16 - LG - "Steam"
Simulated and rendered the three background steam elements. 7 days.

17 - Look development for a shoe brand
Created in one day. Brief was to create something "sculptural". Used pre-existing character
animation and stadium, created shaders, lighting and orchestrated the camera moves. Rendered in

18 - Kia - "Recommendations"
Pitch. Created and rendered everything in three days. Rendered in Arnold. (Won the project)

Music: Bonobo - "Silver"


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