Military Tributes

THIS CLASS 103 starts with a defense of porn and my calling to watch so much of it. I show supporting evidence from MichaelAngelo, David and Thomas Jefferson, (like other “Super Tramp” presidents), giving us permission from heaven to enjoy sex in “the real world” verses the unrealistic prude versions. You might think Jesus was responsible for that prude version because of what he said in Matt 5:28 to 31 but I finally had the boldness to say that Jesus was just setting a trap for hypocrites to fall into and challenging the rest of us to use our brains to find out what he really meant in my class 161 at 36 minutes @ Like any Christian who knows how heaven communicates AND has an open mind about how heaven will stretch you to be more tolerant of other people and cultures SHOULD agree that there are many divine signs in this class to confirm what I’m saying is true. Except for those who go to “the church of the poisoned mind”, (read 179 @, that’s when the people who don’t go to church can hear and obey God better than the people who do go to church.

@ 12 minutes is an explanation of the 911 disaster by comparing New York City to a girl who was a Miss Right for me.
@ 19 to 24 min is the movies Lonesome Dove, AIRPLANE, Wall Street and FOOTLOOSE that helps explain a cause of the 9/11 disaster. It's also a sign between God, the church and me, here's what I said ^ about it ^ at
class 188 @
The reason I used two songs from the Southern Rock Gold album in both 192 & 194 is because I know Southern Baptists are not big on dancing or rock'n roll. Except I think the divine signs are so big and so many that even they and George and Laura Bush may have to concede they've been overruled. The movie FOOTLOOSE is a big sign....

@ 35 to 49 min is all signs about Alaska (Ak) and me starting with Brian Johnson.
@ 39 is Ak as Herod but it's also parallel the church, here's what I wrote at
class 179 @
I believe the song "YOU GOT IT ALL over him" is God's way of rubbing it in how bad the church has sold out against God (@ 2 min) and it defends me because I didn't.

@ 41 min is three examples of me as "the one that got away" marlins. It's the same porn girl in #199 @ 3:29 hrs @ doing ATM porn synced to Lynyrd Skynyrd's song Free Bird. It's such a poetic sync to the porno and my home at the lake, (also in THIS 103 @ 42 min), that it's just like me leaving Alaska as a "see parallel" (c//) to the checkmate that I got on all women.

@ 46 minutes is a sign about Vietnam vets from
class 99 at
I show the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific as convincing proof of USA heroes that have paved the way for our (my) safety because, (I've lived safely in Hon, Hi for 21 years when so many people want me dead), and it seems to fulfill a prediction in Bible. The proof appears to be in the parallel scenes of the movies FANTASIA 2000 and APOCALYPSE NOW at 58 to 68 minutes. I show signs of a similar calling for Vietnam vets in THIS CLASS 103
@ 46 min.
@ 1:24 hours is where I expose my Christian Miss Rights and fake Christians in the church, (also at ^ 179 ^).
@ 1:36 hours explain the deceiving tricks God will play on you, (for your own good), that will make perfect sense to you later on.
@ 1:14 is a tribute to D-Day
@ 1:35 hours is an explanation of the NEXT 911 disaster.

Class 186 ( was made due to the difference between God's definition of a premature death and mine.
Here are some of the lessons I've learned since then.

IN THIS CLASS 103 at 1:46 is
Jeremiah 20:7
Then I said Lord you deceived me when you promised me your help. I have to give them your messages because you're stronger than I am, but now I'm laughingstock of the city, mock my all.

At page 52 of my Bible Notes @
I explain how and why the Lord deceived me about dying a premature death
IN THIS CLASS 103 at 1:41 to 1:59 hrs. Humans can't comprehend God's awesome wisdom and sometimes God has to trick you into doing God's will and it's a test of your friendship with God of how gracefully you can take it, (="rw" at 222pm which means George Washington's birthday). That was a sign that the American Revolution was a VERY big test of friendship with God because when I watched the movie Johnny Tremain (by Walt Disney) is when I learned how much God tricked the Founding Fathers into a David verses Goliath fight against England.

From class L97
I also mention, (@14 to 19 minutes), that "God broke the bank spending every miracle he could to help this country (USA) get started..." and I prove that in the first 37 minutes of class L109 @ and BOTH include THE NEXT ENERGY CRISIS & a cure.

My classes are THE POWER OF PRAYER &
the Bottom Lines are why my classes are over.


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