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Tried the new version of FotoMagico (FotoMagico 3), used the demo version to build the first version of this presentation.

I combined some 2009 photos I took of the city of Mainz in Germany and the music of Mark Gillespie and Thomas Drost (flute). Added a couple of short video clips taken with Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ7 (sz3) and Camcorder HDC SD300 in Mainz. The videos in AVCHD format I converted using VoltaicHD 1.8.2 on a Mac. Photos I took with Nikon D700 and Nikkor lenses.

FotoMagico 3 still allows only one track for photo/video, so no real image overlay or picture in picture possible. But version 3 now allows 3 audio tracks! I did some "experiments" with overlaying 2 audio tracks, a little bit tricky with the sound balance in the transition from video to photo, my results not really well balanced so far.

Imho, compared to version 2.6, overall handling is pretty much improved in version 3, I really enjoyed that.

But: the approx. 10 minutes long presentation (1280x720) took 8,5 hours to get rendered and compressed as a webfilm (resulting file size 344,5 MB, Version 1), 9,5 hours (490,7 MB, Version 2) and 11,25 hours (608 MB, Version 3) on my Powerbook Pro 2,4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo , 4 GB RAM, OS X 10.5.6!

With the version I used (Boinx_FotoMagico_3-4454.dmg; demo licence), one cannot rely on the time span calculated by the software and indicated on the screen for rendering video. I hope this, the fading in and out of audio tracks (and the time needed for rendering?) will be improved.

Thanks to extraordinary musicians Mark Gillespie and Thomas Drost for the beautiful music coming "live" from a street music performance in Mainz.
Please visit: or look for videos with their music on Vimeo or YouTube too.


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