Hands up, this is a hold-up!
Thieves, assailants, pickpockets, white-collar thieves…
An ode to all thieves
Every day we open the paper and are surprised by the normal way in which we accept the news we read. There is an abundance of tricksters, dishonest practices, incoherence and the world seems to function in a way that makes no sense. We’ve learned to live with all this; nothing surprises us or makes us angry, and we’ve grown accustomed to insults and dishonest practices.
Our collection for next autumn/winter is comprised of 4 lines inspired by 4 real-life and fictional burglars from different periods.
The Dalton brothers: fictional characters created by the Belgian illustrator Morris, the eternal thieves hunted down by Lucky Luke.
Symmetrical plays of lines that form different shapes. Austere colours on an electric blue background. Printed and wax-coated cotton fabrics.
Jesse James: the famous outlaw from the Wild West who robbed banks and trains.
Denim and tencel fabrics used for blouses and dresses. Overcoats and jackets made of wool and alpaca fleece and garments and accessories made of high quality suede.
Bonnie & Clyde: the famous outlaws and criminals who operated in the USA during the Great Depression.
Elegant wool garments with an orange herringbone design. Baggy trousers and two-tone drainpipe trousers.
Arsène Lupin: the white-collar thief that appears in the detective novels of the French author Maurice Leblanc.
Long silk dresses combined with suede, woollen overcoats, discreet shines and plays of black and white.


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