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The video features work from Shepard Fairey, Max Zorn and Mr. Brainwash that is animated to help in changing the negative perceptions about street art. It is inspired by the declaration of "War on Graffiti" issued by the City of Toronto and other cities around the world. It takes the viewer through a journey of discovery in a 'first-person-view'. It is designed to be interactive allowing the audience to select characters that will take them on a journey and even have the audience appear in the video live. The hybrid characters represent '3' general, stereotypical suburbanite characters:

a.) Mouse represents the timid persons who do not like to venture out from the contrived, conventional reality they are nestled in.

b.) Boer is the close-minded boor whose sphere of existence is a sports bar or in front of the TV at home watching pretty much only sports as his reality.

c.) Raven is inquisitive & open minded reflected in her fashion consciousness but she still lives a cloistered existence.

Scene Notes:

Subway car ride has Shepard Fairey's 'Obey' poster animated complementing the scene which is about the contrived, conformist existence we are made to live in 24/7.

Staircase scene is where the characters are heading up towards Queen West Graffiti Alley in Toronto and as they ascend the stairs the world starts coming into color as they are too.

Max Zorn scene highlights the wonderful & incredible creativity that is street art by his using ordinary packing tape found at your home and place of work.

The graffiti alley scene shows some of Toronto's graffiti in collaboration with some world street artists. Mr. Brainwash's piece tells you life is beautiful and to be free to express yourself- by writing on the wall.

j vimeo.com/50676761

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