Our protagonist finds herself in yet another nightmare as she awakens from the last. How many levels down has she gone? Will the nightmares end and if so how will she know? Part 2 picks up where our last short ended.

Again my wife and I went out a for an afternoon to see what we could put together in a brief shoot, Cornered is the result. These are an exercise for me so please give me feedback and yes it can be critical, I promise I won't get mad, feelings hurt, sure, but I need to learn so if you see an issue tell me with some good detail and tips on how to improve the shot, motion, direction, etc...

Thank you for watching,

Camera: Sony FS-700
Lens: Canon 24-70mm via Metabones speedbooster
Slider: Cinevate Atlas 10
Car Rig: Digital Juice Spyder Pod


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