Memory Traces

This family film of voices from the past are aired upon The Ageing Stone, which carries this inscription:

" that you experience earthly changes late
And may what the numerous ages erode be restored intact,
and may it be granted that the older you are,
the more beautiful you may shine."

The film starts with the words of Simone de Beauvoir said who said 'to grow old is to define oneself ’

". . . the old are what they are and, to a lesser extent, what they have been, though past achievements rarely compensate: they belong to the past, when the future is looking more explicitly finite than it did aat earlier stages in one’s life . . No wonder we prefer to think of ageing as a problem (with the implication of solubility) rather than as the common and permanent condition of humanity." Ray Tallis, Hippocratic Oaths

"No one ‘has been’ old in the past tense. And the policy-makers and the most influential voices in society tend to be below pensionable age. Older people are, therefore, ripe targets for stereotyping in public discourse." Ray Tallis, Hippocratic Oaths

". .. if we are to think rationally about the demographic revolution, we must acknowledge all these anxieties, and recognize, too, that old age is potentially the time when our ability to create meanings is least tethered to external constraints. Survival in good health in old age offers the possibility of a new kind of life beyond the traditional, sometimes unchosen narratives of ambition, development and personal advancement and the biological imperatives of survival, reproduction and child-rearing.

This has yet to be widely appreciated." Ray Tallis, Hippocratic Oaths

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