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My camera gear:
* Best beginner camera: amzn.to/NRcEOP
* Canon 5D Mark II: amzn.to/Q5Lfdt
* Canon 5D Mark III: amzn.to/YV9PQT
* Canon 24-105 f/4 L IS: amzn.to/TLUmyK
* Canon 70-200 f/2.8 L IS MkII: amzn.to/TZngc3
* Canon 500mm f/4 L IS: amzn.to/VsA0Yd
* Sigma 150mm macro: amzn.to/VNK8O2
* Rokinon fisheye: amzn.to/PmNeYM
* YongNuo 568EX Flash: amzn.to/10ouomT

Book links:
* Paperback (international, discounted US): bit.ly/U27Eu3
* Paperback (Amazon US): amzn.to/ToQa5b
* Paperback (Amazon UK): amzn.to/XLGOkx
* iPad (recommended): bit.ly/R6uRag ("Tony Northrup" in iBooks)
* Windows PCs: amzn.to/wCfC8j (install amzn.to/RmWQVE)
* Macs: amzn.to/wCfC8j (install amzn.to/RmWQVE)
* iPhone: bit.ly/SvGapF ("Tony Northrup" in iBooks)
* iPod: bit.ly/SvGapF ("Tony Northrup" in iBooks)
* Kindle: amzn.to/wCfC8j
* Android: goo.gl/Jw7TN (using Google Play)
* Android: amzn.to/wCfC8j (install Kindle app)
* BlackBerry: amzn.to/wCfC8j (install Kindle app)
* Windows Phone: amzn.to/wCfC8j (install Kindle app)
* Nook: bit.ly/R6velh

j vimeo.com/67812647

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