A [Panasonic] Lumix 🎬 4K

A boy confused by the Shepard tone and done some "traveling."

writer/director: 于一博(Yibo Yu)
cinematography: 万之华(Zhihua Wan)
featuring: 徐一初(Yichu Xu),李洁雯(Jiewen Li)
produced by: 周宏(Hong Zhou),于文革(Wenge Yu)
editor: 于一博(Yibo Yu)
sound: 陈忻吉喆(Xinjizhe Chen)(实验中学)
log: 李梓宁(Zining Li)
lighting: 李洁雯(Jiewen Li)
special thanks:
Adam Reiss, thanks for starting all this.
Steve Johnson, thanks for making it mine.
池敏(Min Chi),没有你我坚持不下来
孙唯瀚(Weihan Sun),感谢提供摄影器材
贺子嘉(Zijia He),感谢一直supportive
刘思嘉(Sijia Liu),感谢后期支持
闵乾惕(Qianti Min),我比较无语
copyrighted video footages:
footage from vimeo.com/46973238 by Carlito Picache vimeo.com/carlitoes
copyrighted sound fx:
sound from freesound.org/people/samchitto/
sound from freesound.org/people/acclivity/
sound from freesound.org/people/Bliss/
available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license
sound from freesound.org/people/klankbeeld/
additional sound fx by Cosmic Embers youtube.com/cosmicembers
available under a Creative Commons Attribution license

j vimeo.com/77842923

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