Art Works

Bulgarian poetry - author Ysen Vedrin
Music - Cusco "Desert island"

gentle prelude

Of love - true you're my.
Only you left me to finish.
And life fatefully our fate -
gray November bound by May
I abide in late autumn.
Your green in spring.
Not found anyone our address -
eternal youth was fleeing.
Wiser, it seems in the season.
You fall for me longed.
And I nerazlisten in branches
looking for spring at all costs.
And in life, love misplaced -
rediscovered their fortunes in a jiffy.
I found the green chestnuts -
I hid in his yellow face.
Again - in the gentle preludes,
to catch up in November and May.
Miracle of love surprised -
a blending color. End.

Editing & Production by MaggyGreen


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