Street is my life

TURBOKOLOR "Eastern Heritage" Fall Winter 2012" Video Lookbook

Why Eastern Heritage?

We are probably the last generation that remembers the times of communism;
empty stores, ever-present militia, and the sadness of grey cities.
We are also the first ones who explored the relative “beauty” of capitalism,
western street culture, and richness of colors, which rapidly entered
our country with the fall of the iron curtain.

What is so special about that you may ask?

Well..., we’ve made it our approach. The fact that even though we love streetwear
and what we do, we can distance ourselves from fashion, trends and all that hype.
We think this culture has more to offer than pure consumptionism.
This culture is rich with music, art, skateboarding
and most importantly with the people who represent it.

This is urban expressionism.

Video: Błażej Górnicki
Production: Weronika Wyrzykowska & Matylda Kwiatkowska
Art Direction: Swanski
01.Auer - nine rmx
02,Auer - EJTM!
03.Auer - Gnome
©+℗ Red Bull Polska Sp. z o.o,
Wydano nakładem S1 Warsaw 2012,


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