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I was teaching at a music shop in Pleasanton, Ca, and I heard one of my fellow guitar teachers learning this chord progression out of a book, I was instantly fascinated and became obsessed with this song. That was years ago. I am still in love with this little tune. I know its not a faithful recreation of Fats Waller's original, but I don't mind, to me its a fantastic arrangement. I only wish I could give credit to whoever arranged it like this.

This song is the one I get THE MOST requests for chords/tab/ etc. I do have the chords tabbed out but I don't have the lead/solo section tabbed out as I was just improvising. Email me to request the chords.

The guitar I am using here is my 2011 'The Loar' 309 (really its an LH309VS) which is a hand carved solid arch-top guitar with a P90 pick up. The rhythm part I played just acoustically but for the lead section I used the P-90 thru a Fender Blues Deluxe.


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