Art and Artists

video performance 10'02''
producer: Ljiljana Mihaljevic
player: Ljiljana Mihaljevic
camera, sound, editing: Maeshelle West-Davies
produced in Leipzig 2013

For playing hopscotch, rules are clear and very strict. Hopscotch (which consists of seven fields marked with numbers on top of which there is a semicircle called “heaven”) is a journey to victory. When we reach “heaven”, the journey is complete.
My drawing of hopscotch with white chalk has a different visual form, because this hopscotch has a form of a closed circuit. It does not end with the field “heaven” – symbolizing the reward for the effort and skill of the jumper who manages to jump through all seven fields without making an error. In this circular hopscotch the magic number of seven squares is being repeated over and over again. The game is not over when we get to “heaven” (because there is no “heaven”, thus no reward), but the game ends when a player gets tired and collapses. This hopscotch stands for the life cycle of the players, in which the game ends when the life itself ends.


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