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Film by Eric Minh Swenson at the 2014 LA Art Show

In 1987, a coalition of artists, public art advocates, city and state officials, and restoration specialists came together to establish the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles (MCLA). Its mission today, is the same as it was then: to restore, preserve, maintain, and document the murals of Los Angeles., MCLA works to protect the legal rights of artists and to prevent the loss of significant works of public art. Most importantly, MCLA is committed to preserving the artistic heritage of Los Angeles as one of the mural capitals of the world.


Isabel Rojas-Williams, MCLA's executive director met RETNA as a young man through her artist son Pablo Cristi, way before RETNA was a world-renown artist. Because of this friendship, while Isabel was Mayor Villaraigosa's art liaison for the Latino & African-American Committees, she invited RETNA to do live art performances and to speak to students included in Mayor Villaraigosa's cultural programs. In 2011 Isabel began her position as executive director of MCLA. When RETNA learned about Isabel's position, he offered help and visited different MCLA restoration sites. That very year RETNA donated funding for MCLA to restore two murals in historic Estrada Courts. The entire amount went to pay the pioneer muralists that painted those murals in the 1970s. RETNA and Isabel continue to work together to benefit the art community and in particular muralists and youth.

For more info on Eric Minh Swenson or project inquiries visit his website:


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