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Dr. Tony Salamay D.C.
Bay Clinic of Chiropractic - Panama City, Florida
For years of his early adulthood, Tony Salamay lived with chronic fatigue and extreme pain throughout his spine and back. After suffering an accident in weight training, Tony knew his active lifestyle had come to an end. For years, he dismissed opportunities for surgery and had to live with consistent doses of pain medicine for temporary relief. The day came where he finally gave in to seeing a chiropractor, who at that time claimed to have a unique and proven approach to remedy chronic pain problems in the human body. After only a few sessions in this new way of chiropractic medicine, Tony began to see light at the end of the tunnel. The pain was naturally subsiding and his whole perspective on life had been renewed. For him, it was inspiration for a new path in life. A path in the chiropractic field of functional neurology and clinical nutrition. His only wish was to give to others the renewed physical state that had been given to him. The rest is history, and Tony now resides in Panama City where he operates with his own private practice. This is Tony's story...

Personal Story for Dr. Tony Salamay, doctor of chiropractic

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