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Craig 'Rebel Hill' Monins teaches how to CONTROL FLICKER with radiosity within lightwave.

With such an impressive set of features new to a single release, where do we begin? LightWave's New Render Engine: Flicker Free Global Illumination in Animation. Wouldn't we all love to bask in the smoothness that is GI for all of our animation? While the long render times may not stop its use, the FLICKER that goes hand-in-hand with GI is often a deal breaker. A trial and error approach to GI setup is not efficient nor cost effective. Today, we aim to offer a solution to both FLICKER and the WORKFLOW that makes Global Illumination a viable option. All this is possible only because of Newtek's LightWave 11 impressive feature set and the brilliant mind of RebelHill's own Craig Monins.


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