Indian Wedding Cinematographers

Its indeed home for Ryan & Jade as they exchanged their vows in a beautifully set-up garden like wedding, on Halloween day! Ryan a chinese, raised in Canada, came all the way from KL to, Unesco Heritage City-Malacca, to marry her beloved wife, Jade, a ’straits borned’, also known as the peranakan or ’Baba Nyonya’, here in Puri Hotel!

The wedding ceremony was held at the garden area of Puri Hotel, where its known for their historical traditional heritage like interiors, have made the entire wedding even more beautiful & unique. After the solemnization, the couple then, had their traditional chinese tea ceremony in full Peranakan style and custom! Its our first such experience, to film a beautiful & colourful wedding, especially of the straits borned clan!

This is the highlights video of the wedding ceremony, a same day edit (SDE), and was premiered live during at dinner reception on the same of the wedding. They had their reception in one of Malacca best hotel-The Holiday Inn.

I had tried to upload this-one of our best ever produced video thus far online since that day after we have premiered it, but, just failed to do so, till now! Hope you guys enjoy watching it!

Some of the many equipments used in this shoot: -

1.) Canon 5D Mark II

2.) Canon A1 HD cam

3.) 3 different combination of Canon L Lenses

4.) 3 different combination of camera tripods

5.) All necessary gears for 4 different types of lighting systems.

6.) 2 Cinematographers

7.) 2 Editors

8.) 2 editing suites brought to the set!

Total equipments cost : - approx 50,000.00 (RM)


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