Intuitive sounds

DIALOGUES WITH HERACLITUS: (2004 - 2010) - video and photography
Videoart from the "Identity" series

The core of this work is my ever-present fascination with fire, its nature and structure. Its dual personality (destructive force vs life-granting warmth) is a question of life that I admire and analyze, an impulse to change. I found the nourishment for my fascination in philosophy of Heraclitus of Ephesus, one of the greatest Greek thinkers, who percieved fire as the rule of the Universe’ operating. Heraclitus thought that the fire lives through the death of what it consumes and its dynamics gives out the movement and dynamics of the world - ever-lasting and eternal. Everything is the fascinating circle of life and death. The cycle closes, yet it is never ending. Heraclitus presented his views through allegories and aphorisms, which is also close to me and which I use - through the visual works and the use of video techniques - to communicate.

DIALOGUES WITH HERACLITUS, intended for exhibition presentation, was premiered at the INSTYTUT 116 in Warsaw in September 2011.


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