Tears In The Rain is a short film tribute to the 1982 film Blade Runner.

This is NOT the final movie, it is a work in progress I am sharing to gather some feedback. Stay tuned for the final film.

Starring: Sean Cameron Michael & Russel Savadier
Written & Directed By: Christopher Grant Harvey
Screenplay By: Evan James Dembskey
Produced By: Andrew MacDonald
Budget: $1200
Shooting Period: Shot over a day and a half
Location: South Africa
Shot on Red

The green-screen work is not complete, the sound in need of tweaking, the VFX are not complete, the grade is not yet done etc... but I am sure there is a enough here to get the idea. I hope you like it and I am sharing this with you great people to get feedback. Please watch and share and let me know what you think.

Here is a synopsis:

"In Blade Runner's dystopian near future, replicants, or genetically engineered humanoids, were created do all the so-called dirty work on off-world colonies. The short film predates the events of the 1982 Ridley Scott directed film to portray a time before the Nexus 6 generation. The Tyrell Corporation developed the Nexus 1 android. Indistinguishable from human beings, the Nexus series were named Replicants. They were superior in strength and agility to the human beings they served as slaves. Their senses were likewise superior, and never deteriorated.

The Replicants began to display erratic and even violent behavior. Though Replicants were not designed to experience emotions or develop long term memories, they did have artificial memories installed. This opened a pathway for a serious flaw to develop in their artificial brains. First they developed destructive emotions, followed by the ability to form new memories.

In the wake of the corporate scandals of the previous decade, the Tyrell Corporation attempted to quietly remove the Replicants from circulation before serious damage was done to their reputation. John Kampff -- the man in charge of this special unit is tasked to hunt down the few remaining replicants.

The process is known as retirement.

John does not have a foolproof system for identifying all the replicants. Carrying out the job becomes difficult and morally questionable, as the possibility exists that he could retire a human by mistake. John will soon develop a device to help other "retirement engineers" identify replicants reliably -- this device will be known as the Voight-Kampff machine. The Voight-Kampff is a polygraph-like machine used by retirement engineers to assist in the testing of an individual to determine if they are a replicant."


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